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Sue Frost

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors

I’m proud to endorse Delrae - she has been an effective board member who stands up for parents & families.

Doug Ose

US Congressman

Many people are reluctant to ask me for an endorsement because I am very direct about what my point of view is and sometimes people go away unhappy. Not this time; in this instance, I am delighted to provide a strong endorsement of Delrae’s candidacy. Delrae makes stuff happen. Experience matters. If you don’t vote for Delrae, you’re settling for second best.

Douglas A. Ose

Sacramento County Republican Party


Mark Pope

I am truly humbled by the following endorsements for Delrae Pope. I am proud of the community support, trust, and respect that she has earned by her service. The strong relationships she has made with district staff and Antelope families is a solid facet of her experience. Over the years I have watched Delrae spend countless hours researching solutions to district problems and reading and preparing for each board meeting. Before serving on the board, Delrae thought of new and creative fundraising events to school programs. She planned, gained volunteer support, and delivered with each event. Recognize the importance that experience and commitment mean to serving on the board.

Cindy Campbell

I proudly support Delrae Marie Pope for re-election to the Center Joint Unified School District's Board of Trustees. I have witnessed firsthand for 8 years her dedication and passion for everyone in our school district and I know that during these trying times she will be the rock that is needed to help parents and students get through this. Her experience and level headed thinking is what our district needs, please join me in supporting and endorsing her and following her page below. AND of course VOTE for her in November!!

Angel Hughes

I proudly support Delrae Pope for re-election to the Center Joint Unified School District's Board of Trustees. Her 8 years of dedication and passion on the CJUSD Board of Trustees has served the district in incredible ways. She is highly involved in the community and her presence is seen at many, many school and district wide events. Delrae had three children graduate from Center High School, and she continues to be involved in the district. Her years of involvement with the elementary and Jr. High school PTAs, and the school board is unsurpassed proof that she is committed to our students, staff and schools.
Please join me in supporting and endorsing her! Your VOTE for DELRAE POPE in November will be the best choice for our students and our district.

Johanna Quinley

My husband and I have a long history with the Center Joint Unified School District, past parents, heavily involved in the CHS Booster club and 12 years of coaching girls basketball, we fully endorse Delre Marie Pope for CJUSD School Board. She has been an advocate for what is best for teachers and students alike and needs to remain on the board.

Kim Baioni

As a 25+ year teacher in Center Joint Unified School District and a past parent as well, I fully endorse Delrae Marie Pope for CJUSD School Board. She has been an advocate for what is best for teachers and students alike and needs to remain on the board.

Gabe Elmore

Delrae has been a supportive and active member in our community since we moved here over 15 years ago. She has the full support of the Elmore's as she runs for school board again. Our community needs more involved members like her.

Alison Garcia Harvey

Delrae has demonstrated her ability to effectively lead our school community as a school board member. I trust her ability to consider each stakeholder and the impact a decision will have on all. Her love and devotion to the Antelope Community and to the Center Unified School District is unwavering. As a parent, as an educator and as a community member of Antelope, I give my support to Delrae Pope for School Board.

Tami and Digol J'Beily

Without hesitation we enthusiastically endorse Delre Pope in her re-election bid as Trustee for the CJUSD School Board.  Delae is a pillar of the community, a positive, forward-thinking voice on the Board and a staunch supporter of the CJUSD academics, activities, athletics and the traditions that make us unique.  Delrae is an advocate for students and families and she is highly respected by CJUSD staff.
Throughout her tenure on the Board, Delrae has had to make tough decisions but she has never lost sight of her responsibility to the Antelope community or her commitment to put students first.

Yvonne Leggett

I proudly support Ms. Pope for School Board. She has been a positive and energetic member of our community. As a parent and former PTA member and current Booster member, I have had the pleasure of working with her at school events. In addition, as a substitute teacher for CJUSD, I have seen her at every school observing and actively asking how staff can be better supported. Her passion for our district inspires all of us to help out more.

Randi Phillips

I am very happy to endorse Delrae Pope for the Center Joint Unified School District's School Board. As a teacher within the school district for close to 24 years I can say that Delrae has always been an active participant, involved parent, and concerned community citizen for not only the school district but for the community within which she lives. She is dedicated, honest, forthright, and will bring about many needed and progressive changes for our school children and community. Please cast your vote for Delrae Pope.

Cecille Valoria

Serving with Humility and a Heart
This is how I see Delrae Pope.
I have known her for almost my entire 22 years of working for the Center Unified School District.
Even before being involved as a public servant with the School Board, Delrae humbly helped for years in different classrooms at Oak Hill, performing every type of work she was asked to do. I have vivid memories of her making copies for teachers, correcting students' papers, or driving students on field trips making sure they were able to avail of this learning opportunity.
Not only did Delrae do all these things, but she also did it cheerfully. There was never a time when I did not see her sweet smile as she graced us with her presence. Her service was from the heart.
As a School Board member, Delrae listened to her constituents, the students, and even us, school teachers. She was always open to what was best for the students and always cheered all of us on. She recognized and acknowledged our hard work.
It is without qualms or reservations that I endorse her for the School Board.


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